Madrid Abierto 2007

Madrid Abierto 2007



I am born in Helsingborg, Sweden, I studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1993-1997

I moved to Berlin 1993 while I was still studying. I stayed in Berlin until 2005.
I moved to United Kingdom 2005 and I now live in London.

I work with performance, texts, soundtrack, painting and films- I made 35 of them.
I have written a feature long film and I have written a autobiographical novel
in Swedish).

I can’t play any instrument but have made all my soundtrack on a pre-recorded Yamaha. These songs I have performed through the years. The songs are very short and the concerts are therefor short and many of my friends have missed my concerts.
- Watch The missed concert from 2005.

1996-1999 I made three vinyl records.
2015 I composed music to my text phrases for a chamber choir in Jönköping Sweden.
(watch the film Jönköping Chamber choir sings text by Annika Ström.)

I currently paint large acrylics on paper 153 cmx 122 cm and I am to do 100 paintings.
So far I made 80.