The missed concert and the kindest artist in the world
at c/o Gerhardsen Gerner, Berlin 2005

The exhibition included:

"The missed concert"
DVD 4:30 min (Please watch under section FILMS)

The artist as old artist
Pencil on paper
26 x 20,5 cm

The artist as ten and the years after
Photography, acrylic paint
111 x 90 cm

The letter to Anna
Inkjet print, coffee
112 x 72,5 cm

The kindest artist in the world
1.20 min

Annika Ström
Magpie (I feel like painting a...)
Acrylic on paper
72,5 x 112 cm

The raven and the five michrophones
Acrylic on paper

The bored audience, photographer unknown, Sweden 2004
112 x 72,5 cm

I proudly prestent the missed concert
112 x 72,5 cm

The kindest artist in the world
Dvd 1:20 minutes 2005

Excerpt from the book "Annika Ström Live!":

I was in a show in Belgrade and at the dinner I sat next to one of the other artists.
This artist was so kind.
Next day at the breakfast table I announced to the other artists
“ I am going to make a new film. Now, here in Belgrade, I ve found the kindest artist in the world!”
Everybody rose up and congratulated me and joined in saying
“What a good one to pick! He is so kind!”
Four years have now passed and still no one else has claimed to be a kinder artist.
His name is Jukka Korkeila.

Me as ten, the years there after  

Me as an old artist  

Concert at the opening  


The raven and the five microphones  

Installation view