Seven Women Standing in the Way

The first Seven women standing in the way took place in Berlin 2011
Seven women were blocking the entrance of the space die raum.
curated by Lotte Møller, Berlin 2011

Vimeo link to the filming of the first 10 performances can be seen here approx. 10 min

The performance is not announced.
So far 12 performances of Seven women standing in the way has taken place.
The aim is 100.

They should be in their 60’s and above.
They should not be dressed too formally. They should be wearing their coats or jackets and appear to be members of the audience.
They should be dressed casually and not be wearing high-heels as they will have to stand most of the time.
Whilst they are standing in the way, they should never appear aggressive, but simply oblivious to the fact that they standing in the way. They should be completely oblivious to people around them.
They should be pre- occupied with each other only, and the conversation they are having with each other.
If people want to pass, they should not give way at first, not until they appear to become aware that someone wants to pass, then they can make way, but they must never be aggressive about it.
They should stand together all the time, chatting and drinking. They can be loud, but they shouldn’t be too noisy, nor should they seek attention.
The performance should be very subtle. They should be standing all the time, but rest if they need to. However, when they do rest, they should all rest together.
If anyone asks them anything they should ignore the question, but if someone insists, they should reveal that they are a part of the show and that they are the seven women standing in the way.

 Seven Women 12. Stavanger 2017     
 Seven Women 6. Oslo 2014     
 Seven Women 10. Bergenz 2016     
  Seven Women 9. SouthEnd on Sea 201     
 Seven Women 8. Malmö 2014     
 Seven Women 2. Vienna 2012     
  Seven Women 7. Bergen 2013     
 Seven Women 1. Berlin 2011      
 Seven Women 3. Riga 2012     
 Seven Women 4. Berlin 2012     
 Seven Women 5. Tallinn 2013     
 Seven Women 11. Trondheim 2017