I am thinking about Red Blue Green Yellow

Music and film by Annika Ström

The film can be seen here:

Performance at sunset, with the local choir Klapa Zuljanka in Janjina the 29th of July 2017 at the Veze Connections at Vizura Aperta Festival in Croatia.

They were singing a new song/hymn by Ström "I am thinking of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow."

The performance recognises the work of the Croatian artist Mladen Stilinovic piece "Artist at work" where he pictures himself lying down. Stilinovic passed away July 2016.
The performance also comments on the absence of rain in the area.
A rainsong, calling for rain.
Ström previously made work about "lying down thinking..." (year 2000) but this time only about the colours:
Thinking about red blue green and yellow.

Thanks to the choir:
Sanja Jeic Magdalenic, Esme Marcelija ,Renata Hasan, Jelena Vukašin, Martina Lopin, Snježana Kuraica
& Veronika Hasan

Curated by Lotte Møller, Tanja Stanic & Davorka Peric.
Thanks to IASPIS, Sweden for support.