Text from back of the book Call for a demonstration
published by Onestar press 2006:

5 min film here

"If my son demonstrates for a Museum of Contemporary Fine Art now it could take 20 years for it to happen. Then he’ll be 25 and he’ll have been fighting for a Museum for 20 years.

Call for a Demonstration brings the artist’s observations about her everyday environment into dialogue with public debate about the re-development of Hove seafront. In calling for a Museum of Contemporary Art to be built Ström raises questions about the nature of the civic realm and the place of art and art Institutions within it. At the core of the project is a children’s demonstration which took place in Hove on Saturday 24 June 2006.
Call for a Demonstration archives Ström’s act of preparation for an unexpected museum of the future and further creates the possibility for it to arrive.
Monica Ross, curator of Call for a Demonstration

Call for a Demonstration is a reminder that it is the work of art that produces the museum.
Tom Morton, Keep Going, Meta.Papers Vol. 1 n°4

Through the children’s demonstration we see the matrix of competing economic interests in Hove with fresh eyes as they open vistas based on the pleasure principle rather than cost/benefit analysis. Let them inherit the seafront of their dreams.
Richard Dailey, editor-in-chief, Afterart News"

Super 8 to DVD, 5 min, 2006