Anna Ström & Annika Ström
Performance 3 days at Rupert Goldsworthy gallery in Berlin 1995

Excerpt from the book Annika Ström Live!:

In 1995 I was invited to do a weekend performance in a gallery in Berlin and asked my mother to take a trip down from Sweden.
This was my first show.
My mother, who had not made a drawing in 48 years, sat for 3 days in the gallery during her visit and made drawings of me. Surrounding this live installation, where she was obliged to transform her image of me into a visual work, comfort items were installed, for example, a camping bed for rest, a Swedish radio, newspapers, food, a coffee machine, wine, a blanket etc.
The drawings were for sale and some got sold straight away (at first for around 5 euros), but the more practised she got, the bigger her artistic ego became and the more her drawings rose out of all proportion to her talent.
She kept some hidden, "The really good ones- the Matisse look- a- likes”, she said, would be excellent Christmas presents.