Dvd 13 minutes and pillows 1995/97

Watch the film here

Excerpt from the book Annika Ström Live!:

Windowpillows are home made objects which are designed to make it more comfortable to lean out of windows, a common habit in former East Berlin where I had moved in 1993. This practice, leaning out of the window, would not be acceptable in Scandinavia - a culture in which one does not openly display curiosity from inside ones private space and a culture which does not publicly reveal the appearance of loneliness. In the video, people from different countries are interviewed about their reaction to this particularly German habit. It is now very rare in that area, but you can still see some windowleaners if you take tram no.13 to the far east end.

Photos below :
Auguststraße 1995
c-print 29 cm x 19 cm