Grant for a revolutionary over 35 years old
Text work on paper, bucket for pocket money
at Mary Goldman gallery, LA, 2000

Excerpt from the book "Annika Ström Live!":

I was about to have my first solo show in LA and thought , what art can you do when you live among palm trees, sex on the beach and sunny weather? I looked around and the art seemed really pretty, cocktail paintings.
I thought, there must be an artist around here, who still think art can change the world and who is older than 35.
In the press release, “Free bed & breakfast in Berlin for a revolutionary over 35 years old” there was an application to fill in. At the opening, within a red circle marked on the floor, the applicants could shout out their manifesto for the residency.
The artist who had the strongest opinion and motivation to go and stay in Berlin, would win the grant.