men vänta nu

Completed August 2014. Duration forever.

Commission by The public Art Agency, Sweden curated by Peter Hagdahl, for an extension and the unification of the humanities departments at Lund University, LUX. The building contains 9 text pieces scattered in and around the building. Big, small, painted, cut out in steel and stone.
The building is made by Jais Architects.
The text pieces are all in Swedish (hard to translate.)
The biggest on the top of the roof dimension 10 meters x 1.20 meters says
men vänta nu (but wait now, meaning: hold on a minute)
others are;
inte idag (not today)
allt går så fort ( everything is happens so fast)
bara nu (only now)
det går snart över (it will soon be alright)
i allafall inte här (at least not here)
allt kommer nog att bli bra (everything might be alright)
jag hinner inte med (I can't reach it, I can't make it in time)

A booklet was made to publish the texts by randomly selected professors and reserachers to relate to the simple everday phrases by writing an essay, poem or any texts. The booklet is free and are available for anybody who enters the building.
Also posters were made to announce the project and the new building, with texts as men vänta nu, jag hinner inte med, inte idag.






Ragnar Ström with poster  

allt går så fort