The First Show 5.15 min 2017

This film was screened at Paul McDevitts independent space, Farbvision in Prenslaurberg, Berlin.

This film of Ström first show in Berlin, is showing the forgotten, but found footage from 1995 of an opening of another independent gallery, Röller and Ravens, which was located in an apartment in Kreuzberg.

At the opening at Farbvision April 2017 Ström once again filmed the visitors which, who many were tracked down from the very first show.

The film "To be shown in 22 years (2039) 27 min, 2017" is the film of the visitors of The First Show at Farbvision and can be viewed by request of password.

The film "To be shown in 22 years (2039) 27 min, 2017" will publicly be shown in Berlin April 2039. Welcome.

Thanks to Paul McDevitt at Farbvision.
Thanks to Declan Clarke for the bar at the opening and thanks to Mark for the Music.