I am born in Helsingborg, Sweden.
1991 I moved to Copenhagen to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
1993 I moved to Berlin and commuted between Copenhagen and Berlin.
1997 I finished my studies.
1999 I had a 2 month NIFCA residency in Spetsbergen/ Svalbard
From October
1999 I had a one year residency at Delfina Studios in London.
I moved back to Berlin the end of 2000.
2001 I had a 6 month IASPIS residency in Stockholm

After 12 years in Berlin I moved 2005 to Hove, an hour from London by the sea.

Since 2013 I live and work in London.

I am working on a semi biographical novel, new performances and on a new series of paintings on paper.

For Publications & Art:
Paris based:
I have a selection of editions, welcome to contact me for a PDF file and other enquiries

I have a studio with Acme at 733 Harrow Rd in London. Welcome.

 Ström with her selfportrait as old     
 Ten new Love Songs   Photographic Print/ edition of 25 
 The Title of The Show is to Sad   Edition of 25 Photographic Print  
 AugustStraße 95/ P-Print 15x10 inch   edition of 25